Australia’s newest Protein, HF Protein, has launched their Demand and Elevate Whey Protein Isolate Range with the full backing of the world’s best Athletes.

The HF Protein product range has the backing of the most talented and successful, born and bred Australian Athletes, including Dakar Rally Champion Toby Price, World Champion Wakeboarder Harley Clifford, Downhill Mountain Bike Champion Troy Brosnan, Bathurst Winning Supercars Driver Chaz Mostert, Bodybuilder Lee Nagorcka, Triathlete Courtney Home and Pro Golfer Victoria Fricot.

HF Protein is a scientifically formulated nutritional powerhouse, built from the grass up with New Zealand superior Whey Protein and fortified with only evidence based ingredients.

HF Protein has been created from a lifetime of striving to be the best by passionate health and fitness advocate, Adrian Hunter.

Following the success of the revolutionary Hunt’s Fitness Gym on the Sunshine Coast, Hunter has created a supplement range that aligns with his philosophy of ‘ingredients that matter’.

“The protein market is flooded with products containing fillers and inferior ingredients.  The opportunity to develop HF Protein WPI, as a pure and simple, clean protein excites me. I’m passionate about knowing what I put into my body and with HF Protein, it’s nothing but the best.” Hunter said.

HFP Demand contains an average of 30g of Pure NZ Whey Protein per 40g serve, and up to 1.5x more L-leucine than most leading brands, to maximise results.  Demand is the formulation of choice for athletes and everyday users seeking lean muscle growth, muscle recovery, increased protein synthesis and immune boosting benefits.

HFP Elevate contains an average of 20g of Pure NZ Whey Protein per 40g serve, fortified with Green Tea & Green Coffee extract, Polydextrose and a combination of functional sweeteners for fat burning, metabolism boosting and appetite suppressing effects, making HFP Elevate the perfect formulation to promote a lean figure and weight loss.

HF Protein WPI Demand & Elevate in both chocolate and vanilla can be purchased online, and shipped within Australia.