A Triathlete with All-World Athlete Gold Status, Courtney Home is tenacious and passionate, with impressive career achievements and solid aspirations to take her sport to the next level.

With her mornings starting at 3AM, Courtney eats and trains on a regular day to day basis during the week, aside from weekends when she is training 5AM-2PM and misses most meal times.

We asked Courtney about what she eats in a day, and her commitment is clear.


3-3:30AM – Nespresso Coffee Roma Shot (a strong shot)
3:30-5:15AM – 1 Cliff Gel in a Ride or Run session
5:15-5:30AM – Banana and another Nespresso (a weak shot) in the car driving to rehab/gym


5:30-6:30AM – Gym or rehab so no food, just water.
6:30-7:00AM – HF Protein Shake
7:30AM – Usually 2 x Slices of a Dark Organic Rye Sourdough topped with Avocado and 2 poached eggs or if I’m in a rush I make my Green Protein Smoothie (1/2 an avocado, ½ cup frozen mango, ½ cup broken banana, 1 cup of Coconut water, 2 handfuls of spinach, 1 scoop of Vanilla HF Protein, 1 teaspoon of Alkaline greens)
10:30AM – Green Tea, Apple or Strawberries for a work snack


12:15PM – Pre Made Dietitian approved meals from a Sunshine Coast Business. Lunch can range from Lemon Chicken Poke Bowls (my favourite), to Italian Meatballs with Zoodles, Pork, pear and prosciutto, Teriyaki Chicken Bowls with Cauliflower rice and Fresh Salmon with Mango salsa and Cauliflower rice.
3:00PM – Another coffee with a Blue Dinosaur Bite Size bar.


6.30-7:00PM – Finish training at HF Fitness so another HF Protein Shake.

7:30PM – I always try to cook for dinner so its usually Homemade Chicken Satay, Nachos, Salmon & Veges or Teriyaki Chicken with Zoodles, edamame beans, brocolini, asparagus and topped with Japanese Mayo. I substitute Rice for Homemade Zoodles and Sweet Potato Chips for corn chips. Friday night is so we head to Junk – I always get the Vietnamese noodle salad and a side of Lotus chips!


They are always so different, I have some toast, with Pics crunchy peanut butter and a coffee before I head out on my long rides! Then I eat and drink my normal training nutrition when I’m out riding. My partner Cam and I try to do a brekkie/brunch out one day on the weekend and we love going to Glass, Envy and Velo Project! After a big day of training on the weekend we sometimes don’t feel up to cooking a feast so we give in and have Brinner (breakfast for dinner – Poached eggs on toast with Avo!)


See more of Courtney’s everyday preperation on her Instagram.

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