Harley Clifford has become the 2017 World Series Champion after winning the Lake Biwa Pro in Shiga, Japan.

The residual winds of the Japanese coasts Typhoon Talim resulted in challenging conditions throughout the day and made for a tough final event.

The event forced riders to bring their best with the title on the line, and the entire series boiled down to the semifinal performances.

Clifford claimed his first heat win with composure, presenting two stand-up passes that saw a perfect backmobe 540, H/S 900, and melon H/S 720.

The typhoon winds continued, and after exhausting all options and available waiting periods; Clifford’s semi ride became his last in the final round of the 2017 season.

Clifford’s heat was stacked with the WBWS points leader competing against Mike Dowdy (USA) and Raph Derome (CDN), however Clifford triumphed as he captured the 2017 title with his incredible riding.

“This year was surreal to me, never did I think I would come back first year from injury and take the overall World Series tour win! I put in all the work I possibly could and it was cool to see it pay off! Thanks to everyone who helped me out over the past year, kept me thinking positive and kept everything fun!”